Tech 21 Boost Comp Compression / Boost Pedal


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Tech 21 Boost Comp Compression

Two Effects Essentials in One Rugged Pedal

Tech 21’s Boost Comp has that little something extra – and then some! On top of giving you 21dB of boost to help drive your guitar or bass amplifier into sweet, sweet saturation, the Boost Comp fattens your sound while giving it extra punch and increased sustain. Tunable with tone, compression, and presence controls, the Boost Comp is straight-forward and uncomplicated so it gives you great vintage FET sound without getting in the way of your playing. When you’re playing a solo and you need that little extra panache, get it with Tech 21’s Boost Comp!

Tech 21 Boost Comp Pedal Features:

  • Killer compression for your guitar or bass
  • All-metal case construction with hand-selected components
  • Powerful boost function gives you 21db of clean boost
  • Presence provides a pre-compression tonal boost for attack and clarity
  • Tone provides a post-compression cut or boost for tonal lushness

Give your tone a boost of volume and warmth with the Tech 21 Boost Comp!

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