Keeley Tone Workstation Multi-effects Pedal


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Your Sound Starts Here

Keeley KWS Tone

Keeley loaded this Tone Workstation multi-effects pedal with four of Robert Keeley’s most popular circuits, giving you a powerful tool for defining your tone. The Tone Workstation’s Keeley Compressor section is the first thing you hit, letting you dial in the feel and sustain you’re looking for. A Katana Boost and 1962 overdrive deliver your desired amount of grit and output. And Keeley’s Red Dirt overdrive can be switched in to offer the best of modded-TS tones. The sound you’re looking for is waiting inside the Keeley Tone Workstation multi-effects pedal.

The famed Keeley Compressor

The Keeley Compressor can be found on the pedalboards of guitarists around the world for its pure tone and ability to retain the character of your guitar while adding sustain and articulation. This circuit is included in the Tone Workstation with the addition of a Blend control and Treble Boost. The Blend knob adds your original signal back into the equation to ensure you hear all the nuance of your attack. And the Treble Boost is fantastic for adding a high-end sheen to your notes. You may find yourself keeping this compressor on all the time.

Vintage grit

The first overdrive stage you’ll hit is Keeley’s 1962, which gives you the sound of a British amp-style tone based closely on a vintage Blues Breaker combo. Its touch sensitivity and ability to add warmth and bark to your tone make it a wonderful sound to build on. And the Tone Workstation lets you use that sound in conjunction with the Katana Boost for added harmonic content and drive. Or you can use the Katana by itself for the clean output bump that has made it a favorite among countless guitarists, especially here at Sweetwater.

Keeley’s best TS-style tones

The last stop on the Tone Workstation is a Keeley Red Dirt overdrive. The Red Dirt is what happens when Robert Keeley puts all of his 15 years of TS-modding experience into a single pedal. You’ll still love the character of a well-voiced midrange hump. But a JFET front end allows the pedal to feel much more amp-like. And its gain range can effortlessly go from crystal clear to incredibly saturated. This is the button you’ll be stomping when you need to push your sound over the top.

Keeley Tone Workstation Multi-effects Pedal Features:

  • Multi-effects built to be the basis of your tone
  • Legendary Keeley Compressor with blend control
  • Katana Boost can be run separately or with 1962 overdrive
  • 1962 is based on vintage British crunch
  • Red Dirt overdrive is the result of 15 years of TS-style mods
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Additional information