Keeley Delay Workstation Multi-effects Pedal


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One-stop-shop for all Your Delay and Reverb Needs

Keeley KWS Delay

Keeley Electronics’ Delay Workstation multi-effects reverb and delay pedal is a powerful and convenient way to load your pedalboard with top-quality time-based effects. The Delay Workstation boasts individually selectable reverb and delay channels with 14 voices and a vast amount of control over each. Additions such as an onboard tap tempo switch, an expression pedal input, and stereo outputs ensure the pedal will integrate easily into your setup. And the Delay Workstation is engineered with the same quality and attention to detail that have made Keeley a popular name in the industry.

Keeley Delay Workstation Multi-effects Pedal at a Glance:

  • Eight types of delay
  • Six types of reverb
  • Fine-tuned controls

Eight types of delay

On the Delay Workstation’s delay channel alone are eight lush delay types. With the simple turn of a knob you’ll conjure sounds such as slapback, tape, digital, subdivided, and many more. The delay channel features four controls for blend, time, feedback, and morph that tailor the tones to your preferences, and also add elements of spring reverb, modulation, and a bit of compression to your delay trails. And the timing of the delay effects can be easily controlled in real time with the onboard tap temp switch.

Six types of reverb

Reverb and delay go together beautifully, which is why Keeley loaded a vast array of both into this pedalboard-friendly design. The reverbs onboard include splashy springs, gargantuan halls, and a spacious shimmer reverb that takes your guitar tones into another dimension. The reverb side of the pedal also contains a digital and tape-style delays for quickly being able to switch between two preset delay tones. And each tone offers enough options to go from a clean sound with a roomy feel to washed-out waves of sonic ambiance.

Fine-tuned controls

Even though the Keeley Delay Workstation multi-effects pedal is hardly larger than many other single pedals, it packs an unbelievable amount of tone-tailoring control into just the right amount of knobs. Each channel features its own footswitch for stacking effects or running them individually. Stereo outputs spread your signal for a sound and feel that needs to be experienced. And the expression pedal input delivers real-time control of various parameters right to your pedalboard. Sweetwater pedal geeks can’t believe how many sounds are packed into this device.

Keeley Delay Workstation Multi-effects Pedal Features:

  • Compact multi-effects unit for delays and reverbs
  • 8 sought-after delay types at the turn of a knob
  • 6 variants of high-quality reverbs
  • Onboard tap tempo offers supreme control
  • Individually selectable effects
  • Stereo outputs are great for larger guitar rigs
  • Expression pedal input allows control over various parameters
  • Lots of deep-editing control

The Delay Workstation is the answer to all of your time-based effects needs.

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